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Some food of yesterday and today. I really like pomegranate, it’s so delicious. I could eat these meals everyday.

I had some oats with fat free yoghurt, fruits, nuts and honey! 👌 Couldn’t get enough. You can add something new with it everyday.


Some self made protein cakes! 🍪 Yummm. They’re looking unhealthy, but the aren’t. 🙏 I used one pound of low fat quark, 2 servings of whey protein with chocolate flavor, 1 cup oats, 1/4 cup pure cacao, 3 eggs and some cinnamon. You just have to mix these ingredients and put them into the oven for around 20 minutes (350° F). I used some nuts too and yeah, also some dark chocolate. 🍫 It’s the only unhealthy ingredient. But you have some high protein, good carbs and healthy fats with these protein cakes. They’re a perfect snack as while you like to gain muscles! 💪 I love them!

This was my pre workout meal today. Some protein oatmeal with whey, berries, flaxseed, almonds and one tbsp honey. Very delicious and I like the color of it! 🙈

It has given me enough energy for my gym session today. I was there about 4 hours - AND I LOVED EVERY SINGLE MINUTE! 💪

Now I need to go to bed. May all your muscles grow! 🙏

Todays post workout snack. I’ve had some balance protein oatmeal topped with coconut powder, flaxseeds and almonds. So I’ve got good fats, a lot of protein (because I’ve mixed my oats with some whey) and good carbs. Simple but good! :-)

Before going to bed I’m drinking my protein shake. Just mixed some quark with whey and water - that’s it. It’s good for the night and helps your muscles to grow.

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